Question about release and update


My domain is:

I’ve a question about certbot update.

When i check the version installed on my server (running Apache) on Debian 8.1 i have the version :

certbot 0.10.2-1~bpo8+1

And my question is : is it the same as Certbot 0.21.0 Release ?

For me it’s like i’ve got Certbot 0.10.21 instead of 0.21.0 (but i’m not sure)

Could someone can confirm that i’ve got the latest release ? I want to be sure that renewal will be done with HTTP request and not TLS-SNI-01.


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You have the version from Debian backports, which does not seem to be the latest version.

You could install the latest version via certbot-auto - see

If you do this you’ll need to set up your own cron job / systemd timer for automated renewal, and you should probably remove the old debian package so that its renewal cron job doesn’t interfere (as older versions sometimes fail to read the newer config file format).

Note that even the old version can use HTTP-01 if you use the --webroot or --standalone plugins.

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You can manually combine the apache installer plugin and webroot authenticator plugin with:

-i apache -a webroot -w /path/to/webroot/of/site

This should also work with older versions of certbot.

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