Question about filename and location

This question isn't about a domain so I'm not posting a domain name. I'm using AutoSSL through WHM for my website but also want to use the certs for my own applications so I need to access the physical cert. I found they are stored under ~/ssl/certs, but the names are very long random strings like: account_domain_com_vcf52_0af83_126031933_6733da748ac496b5afb76344e257bxsf.crt

When it goes to automatically renew this cert in a couple months, will it keep the same filename or generate a new one?

I use it on another hosting provider and they are stored like this and don't change:


Why is this other provider storing them differently?


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That sounds like a question for that other provider. Let's Encrypt doesn't specify or control where on your system the certs are stored.



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are different applications


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