Question about educational institution rate limit adjustment request

I came across this thread when doing a search about getting rate limits increased. I have submitted the rate limit increase form twice on behalf of our institution (Yale University), but we have not received a response. What we are seeing is cloud hosting services request certificates for subdomains in an automated fashion and this causes the rate limit to be reached very quickly, making it impossible to request certs manually, or for other services to compete for new certificates. This is causing us to receive support tickets from clients that we cannot solve. Trying to get subdomain segregation from the PSL for Let’s Encrypt appears to be a non-starter according to their docs:

  • We do not accept entries whose sole purpose is to circumvent Let’s Encrypt rate limits. They have a form you can use.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

How long ago did you send it the first time?

I submitted the first one in October 2018, and again on December 20, 2018.


I can definitely shoot you an e-mail: the short answer is that the domain in question has received a rate limit adjustment.



Maybe somebody from @lestaff can help. Three months without answer is a long time.

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