Question About Domain "Secrecy"

...withholding your domain name here does not increase secrecy, but only makes it harder for us to provide help.

This statement took me by surprise. Suppose someone were to maintain multiple personas -- one or two primary Internet-facing ones plus one or more private ones (including a real name "persona"). How would seeking help for a private persona's domain be different from asking for help on behalf of someone who cannot make an account (a client, perhaps)?

It wouldn't be different, and each persona can ask for help individually.


The reason behind that statement is that for proper debugging of common issues, it's usually necessary to perform tests on the actual hostname. Which obviously can't be done without it. And asking OP to perform tests and to report them back is VERY strenuous and not something we likely are willing to do.

And as the hostname is in the public domain due to certificate transparancy logs anyway, it doesn't really matter if you post it here on the Community or not.

If you don't want to associate persona A with hostname B, this person could always generate an account as persona B to begin with, so the hostname matches with the persona opening the thread. Or an entire new third persona C. Whatever floats your boat :slight_smile:


I suppose that answers my question. After legit 15 minutes trying to reply to the peppe's comment, I was about to express my concerns with sharing a domain name intended for a multi-purpose home server in a publicly searchable forum.

Digital hygiene is such an unintuitive subject!

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I ended up getting a VPS and reverse proxying the home server over wireguard, to avoid exposing it directly on the internet.

As for the domain, just make sure to never mix domains for different personas in the same certificate.

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VPS is a long-term goal and I'm not the one paying the bills. My friends have been over on a Minecraft server in years gone by, so I'm not exactly shy about sharing my IP with them.

Also, the multiple persona stuff was mostly me making stuff up until I remembered what I was actually after. I'm going to go ahead and mark Osiris's answer as the solution, and maybe I'll re-read it when it's no so late at night. I already know I'd be willing to share it in a PM/group chat, though I'm still not sure about posting it publicly. Maybe if the conversation (and edit history) could be easily burned/redacted later I'd consider.

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