Question about certs

I have a on the premises email server and a sophos xg firewall. My dns record pointers are at network solutions. I read a topic where someone had their website hosting there and these certs are not supported there. If i use the same vendor for my dns records but have the exchange hosting onsite will these certs work?

The DNS service you use is mostly irrelevant. AFAIK, the only thing it needs to do (besides serving valid DNS records for your domain) is to return a negative response rather than an error if you don’t have a CAA record. From a very quick check on network solutions’ own domain, this seems to work fine, so I guess you should be OK.

If you want to use the DNS-01 challenge to validate your domain (as opposed to the HTTP-01 or TLS-SNI-01 challenges) - which may be useful for a mail server - then your DNS service also needs to support TXT records. Their documentation says they do, so that should be fine too.


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