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I have created a website and got the SSL to work but now i have been looking into creating a proxy and VPN server (at home) so i can encrypt traffic (with the VPN) and hide my IP(with the proxy).

The other reason is to also get more into using different things (opensource things mostly because i am looking into the LPI essentials and the LPIC-1 Linux administration certificate)

For the VPN i want to try openVPN and for the proxy i want to try Squid.

My question is would it be a good idea to create separate server or setup xenserver and run both of them in there own VM’s? Then finally use Let’s Encrypt to have the SSL on both server (for the proxy and VPN).

If this is a bad way of thinking please let me know because this is me just trying different things as i am wanting to get into Linux Administration for work purposes. Thanks, Josh

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The question is, you want to mask as your endserver / vpn server, right?

If yes you don’t really need a proxy. You can just config your openVPN server to route all client traffic through itself. I just don’t know anymore if you have to set masquerading yourself on the vpn server or if that happens automatically.

You should be able to use the let’s encrypt cert as a base… though depending on what type of vpn you want to set up you may need to install an own CA for client certificates.

I am just talking from the top of my head here right about now though, it’s been a couple of years since I worked with an openvpn server.

I just did a quick search and found this: maybe it helps with your question.

Best regards!

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