Prove the conection of our email

Dear developers,

We are trying to prove the conecction with my email which we have install our certbot-auto with this comand:

certbot-auto -n -m email --apache -d domain -d domain

With this configuration I can’t know if this email has been introduced well and certbot only sends messages when the certificates have going to expire.

Can you send an email for my domain or can we send it?

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Do you mean you are trying to prove ownership by confirming email links? (Like comodo or globalsign?)

Currently Let's Encrypt only allows http and DNS validations. Not email validation.

Thank you

Thank for your answer, but we have install this SSL certificate to our domain to take https, but let’s encrypt give a tool -m email to recieve a mail when your certificate SSL has going to expirate, I need know if this this comand is correct and when my certificate will expire I will recieve a mail with the advise.

The mail command seems to be right.

As you would receive the email from your registered account with expiration notification.

Thank you

Yes, there is no way to test the notification in advance. If you definitely need notifications earlier in order to be sure that they work, you might want to use a different third-party monitoring service to be sure—several of these exist now!

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