Problems with Switching Servers



I had this site on a Digital Ocean server with a Let’s Encrypt cert, and all was working well. Decided to move the site over to an AWS server, and once the site was moved over, I reinstalled the Let’s Encrypt cert from scratch as if it was for the first time (I did the same process with and it worked fine). Now, I can’t even pull up the site without getting security errors from both Chrome and Firefox.

Is there a process I have to follow when switching Servers? I tried searching for articles on the subject, but could not find any that were on point for the above issue.


I’m able to connect to the site via HTTPS without any warnings. SSL Labs doesn’t show any issues either. Can you be more specific about the security error you’re seeing? Any chance it’s some kind of caching issue - maybe you’re still connecting to the old IP address?

There’s no special steps you need to take when moving servers in general. Simply reinstalling the client and re-issuing the certificate, or copying over the existing configuration would work.


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