Problems with certificate, site not completely secure

My client’s site,, will secure it with your certificate generated with Acme software, win-acme.v2.1.5.742.x64.pluggable.
I use IIS v.7, everything is fine but after the first renewal on May 25/2020, the closed padlock no longer appears in the browsers and it indicates a site that is not totally safe. I need help, I have little experience with SSL and certificates.
The certificate was successfully renewed without problems and the certificate is displayed in browsers correctly, valid and dated.

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You have unsecured content on your site. I.e., content having an URI starting with http:// in stead of https://.

You can use the Console of your browser to identify those.

Also, unrelated, your site using just the base domain name gives a “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)” error when loaded through HTTP. The www subdomain returns a redirect to the HTTPS site.


Thank You, fix the problem.

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