Probleme SSL in Europe, but not in Asia

Hey i’ve got a probleme with my website :
its on gandi, and it’s not working for me in France.
But its working in Asia.

Can someone help me plz : )


checking your domain the reason is unclear -

Your ip addresses:

Host T IP-Address is auth. ∑ Queries ∑ Timeout C yes 1 0
A Frankfurt am Main/Hesse/Germany (DE) - Amazon Technologies Inc. Hostname: yes
A Frankfurt am Main/Hesse/Germany (DE) - Amazon Technologies Inc. Hostname: yes C yes 1 0
A Paris/Île-de-France/France (FR) - GANDI is an ICANN accredited registrar
Hostname: yes

So an european ip address is used.

http works, https not.

	Error creating a TLS-Connection: IANA TLS Alert No. 80, internal_error. 
An internal error unrelated to the peer or the correctness of the protocol 
(such as a memory allocation failure) makes it impossible to continue. 

But if it works from Asia, may be Asia uses another ip address and the servers don't have the same configuration.

Why? I don't know.

May be part of the problem: Your www and your non-www have different ip addresses. Same with your main domain www + https works, non-www + https not.

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It looks like some geo-dns in work

You will have to make all those servers in sync(include dv and uploaded files)
I don’t think OP will be able to manage 6+ diffrenet servers autometically, otherewise he should be aware of this setting and fleet of servers.


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