Problema con la expiración de Root CA X3

Al entrar a mi dominio no genera el DST Root CA X3
Tengo mi certificado actualizado pero por alguna razón no permite entrar a dispositivos con android 6
Hay alguna manera de solucionar esto?

My domain is:

Site isn't using an LE cert:

Certificate chain
 0 s:/
   i:/C=AT/O=ZeroSSL/CN=ZeroSSL RSA Domain Secure Site CA
 1 s:/C=AT/O=ZeroSSL/CN=ZeroSSL RSA Domain Secure Site CA
   i:/C=US/ST=New Jersey/L=Jersey City/O=The USERTRUST Network/CN=USERTrust RSA Certification Authority

What is the FQDN that has this problem?
[sorry for my English but I'm pressed for time]

There were Let's Encrypt certificates issued for the hostname: |

Strangely enough the currently in use ZeroSSL certificate isn't listed..

May be backlog, due to high issuance rates CT logs are a bit slow right now:

Certs randomly switching from Let's Encrypt to ZeroSSL may be due to a buggy version of

Ah, that page is returnng a 502 bad gateway. The Rasperry Pi is probably overloaded...

Or a conscious choice.

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