Problem with SEO product URL



We have a problem with SEO product URLs. They are redirecting to the storefront instead of linking to the products when accessed directly.

Categories and storefront navigation are working ok.

Store front link is and

Please advise.


Hi @rohamweb1988,

I believe you’re asking for help on the wrong forum. This forum is meant for support for the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority and not for any other product, service, or web hosting technology.

Of the two sites that you mentioned, only has ever had a Let’s Encrypt certificate, and its certificate expired in October. It has switched to using a certificate from Globe Hosting.

I suggest asking for help from your web hosting provider’s support, or, if you’re using a particular content management system, asking on a support forum related to that particular technology. Neither of your sites currently appears to be using the technology that this forum is about.

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