Problem with issueing SSL

I have a domain and SSL is not working for this domain. I created free SSL for 8 other websites and had no issues at all. Is this due to numeric name of domain?

Can’t give you an answer unless you show what command(s) you ran and what the error message was.

However, the DNSSEC configuration for the domain is busted, which may be contributing to the failure.


Yep, the CAA query fails due to the DNSSEC problem so that will block issuance.

So, How to deal with it? I tried which is easier but still
got error.

It doesn’t matter what tool you try to use. Your domain is misconfigured and won’t resolve on any resolver that validates DNSSEC.

The domain’s registrar has DNSSEC enabled for the domain, but the DNS host does has not implemented DNSSEC signing of the zone records.

If you don’t know what that means, then perhaps you should disable DNSSEC at the domain’s registrar.


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