Problem with Google-Preload

Hi Guys ,
When I check my website with with I faced this error ,
anyone here can help me how to fix it ? I really doesnt know what it is !

my website is : دانلود آهنگ

this is my error : HSTS-Preload-Status: unknown. Domain never included in the Preload-list. Check to learn some basics about the Google-Preload-List.

here is the image of my error


The HSTS Preload Status isn't really an error but more of a warning. You can read more about HSTS in the URL you copy/pasted yourself.

Also, I have absolutely no clue what the rest of those "fatal error" entails. I'm not seeing any issue with your site at all through curl. Although the "check-your-website" at "" is very extensive, this also leads to a lot of noise. Personally, I like clean and better readable sites like SSLLabs more: Although there currently seems to be a DNS issue with your site, which I can't reproduce. DNSViz also doesn't report any errors, so it might be a SSLLabs issue.


Hi @miladkheirkhaah

this isn't an error, this is a warning. Most sites are not preloaded, so most sites have that result.

And you use BitNinja, so the check of your domain stops. If you want to use the tool complete, remove BitNinja.

BitNinja has some problems with the tool. So the check stops. Some things are earlier checked / independend. These results are visible.


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