Problem with expired certificate


Hi Team,

I am exposing you to an important problem that I encounter on my site, today i obtain expired certificates (it is normally automatically renewed by the host, i tested several methods (Delete cache CDN) regenerate certificate, check . Htaccess and delete cache plugin wordpress and problem persist.
I delete ssl let’s encrypt, and I recreated it, the problem persist, i obtain certifcate expirate.

thank you for your help, I don’t know what to do…

My domain is:

My web server is (include version): Php 7.2 and wordpress with plugin Really Simple SSL and realy simple ssl pro

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:


The certificate being served is new:



Hi rg305,

Thank you for reply, i just saw that he is active again after 15 hours expired, i will make the point of the situation with the hoster,(because I still do not know what caused the problem, CDN, Cache etc…) and I would not hesitate to share their feedback.

Great day

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