Problem with CCBill after Lets Encrypt install

Hi there,

This is a questions regarding moving to your https. I did this with my website ( but then CCBill couldn’t create passwords properly. They got this error: "Failed (Did not receive valid response for jpost local ( <meta http-equiv=“Conten))”.

They seemed to think their IPs were being blocked:

Have you heard of anything like this happening? As when I turned off Lets Encrypt certificate it worked again.

I want to use the SSL but make my members site work as well. Any help would be amazing or if you need more info let me know.


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It is difficult to be certain with such minimal information…
But it seems that the biggest (and most likely) culprit is Apache. {Notorious for running at any/all costs, it tends to allow/overlook “errors” that would sometimes stop a horse.]
I would suggest try moving your site to an nginx implementation or simply add an nginx proxy to your existing system and go from there.
[presuming the CCBill program runs on the same system]

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Hi @MissJessicaWood,

It would be helpful to get some specific logs, ideally from both ends. Do you think CCBill can give a more detailed error message and a more detailed description of what URL they were trying to access? And does your own web site have logs that you can access?

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