Problem to create a ssl certificate for pterodactyl panel with certbot

I want to make https website from my pterodactyl panel. I used the official files, but still haven't suceed.
I have no idea what is wrong. My ports should be open. My panel is working on http, but cant upgrade the site to https. Certbot gives me this error. Dns A record is setuped on cloudflare.
I followed this video: Secure Your Pterodactyl Panel with SSL/HTTPS - YouTube

My error is this:

Welcome to the community @suckmartin

The error says you do not have a valid A record in your DNS (or AAAA if IPv6). I see you have an A record but for IP That is a private IP address and cannot be reached from the public internet.

You should use your public IP address. You can find it many ways but one is by running this command:

curl -4
curl -6 (if IPv6)

The Let's Debug test site is often helpful when setting up a new site.


oh that is right thx let me try it

MAAN you are a legend thxxx bro


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