Previous Provider Took Care of Let's Encrypt Certificates New Provider Requires Configuration

I just migrated my site from A2hosting to JVzoohost and now when people go to my site it’s saying there is as “certificate error” and urging them to leave immediately - I’m told it’s because this needs to be configured properly - how do I go about fixing that??? my host said they are more than willing to provide the necessary info to activate it properly but I don’t know where to go to activate it, and your site provides no options for that

Did you do anything in particular to set up your certificate on your old hosting provider? (For example, did you install some Let’s Encrypt client software, or use an obtain-certificate feature inside a control panel, or use a site like ZeroSSL to obtain a certificate that you uploaded to a control panel or e-mailed to support staff?) Is it possible that the old hosting provider had a service where they did it for you, which your new hosting provider doesn’t offer?

no, it was automatically done for me…a2 host has it set up that way

is there a way to make update the records in letsencrypt to reflect my new hosting info?? or

Well, you might want to try to persuade the new host that they should offer an equivalent service (but I’m sure they wouldn’t be able to implement it immediately).

Depending on your hosting arrangements, you might be able to install some Let’s Encrypt client software on your machine which can make the requests and obtain the certificate for you. This is more likely to work if you have VPS hosting as opposed to shared hosting.

The simplest and easiest way to get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt right away is probably to use

It will walk you through the steps in your browser, including asking you to create a file on your web site at the appropriate time to prove that you really control the domain name. Then you will get some files in your web browser that you can save and send to the hosting provider’s support, which will be your new certificate and the associated files that are needed in order to use it.

The main problem with this process is just that it’s time-consuming and Let’s Encrypt certificates only last for 90 days, so it would have to be repeated regularly. (However, the certificates are always free of charge.) So after doing this, you might want to explore with the hosting provider whether there is any opportunity for you or them to do something to automate the process so that you won’t have to remember to do this manually every 60-90 days in the future.

darn ok…that sucks this is a mess

You could also try to get the previous hosting provider to send you the files, because they would presumably work if transferred to the new provider. But I’m not convinced that that will be any easier overall than getting a new certificate using ZeroSSL.

hi @PussylickingParty

If you review the A2Hosting website they did in fact take care of SSL certificates for you in the past.

As you have changed providers you now need to work with your new provider on how you can manage this going forward.

If you want to continue to use Let’s Encrypt then you need to setup an account with Let’s Encrypt and use what’s called a client to obtain certificates (A2Hosting used to take care of this for you)

It’s very unlikely A2Hosting will provide you with the certificate and the private key as you are no longer using their service and most providers take care of SSL for you while you are with them.


Note that, unlike many accounts that you might have with different Internet services, this “account” does not involve an interactive registration on a web site, nor a username and password. The client software normally manages it for you.

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