Prerenderer.IO and chrome running in headless mode have issues with certificate


I am having issues with SSL certificate when using Prerenderer.IO and chrome in headless mode. Here is the error that is being generated when my site is being accessed by prerenderer.IO.

2018-02-08T03:20:52.355Z { source: ‘network’,
level: ‘error’,
text: ‘Failed to load resource: net::ERR_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT_NEEDED’,
timestamp: 1518060052352.94,
url: ‘https://…’,
networkRequestId: ‘44424.43’

Can someone please help me figure out what’s wrong? I can load my https site in any browser without any issues. Thank you,


A client authentication certificate is kind of like SSL in reverse. Instead of the server using a certificate to prove its identity, a client presents a certificate to prove identity. It’s not commonly used, and I don’t know enough about to be able to offer any guidance as to whether or not this is normally expected.

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Was this error message generated by your server, or by I didn’t understand that when you said “the error that is being generated”; where do you see this error displayed?

Thanks Jared.m. I figured it out. In IIS, under SSL Settings for the website, I had “Accept” selected for the client certificate setting. This was the issue. As soon as I set it to “Ignore” the issue disappeared. Thanks for responding and explanation.


Awesome! Glad to help point you in the right direction, at least!

Prerenderer.IO was making a request to my server and the server was requesting a client certificate, which chrome could not provide. This was an issue with IIS configuration, which was fixed when I set client certificate setting to Ignore.


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