Prefix handling not valid



i have test the certificate

now i get the message:
Prefix handling Not valid for “” CONFUSING

Can anyone say me how i can fix this please?


Your certificate should at least include as alternative name, because many users still prefix everything with www.


How i include in certificate?


How did you issue that certificate with that “happy hacker fake CA”?


I have use this instructions and this command



If and are the same server, you can use the command-line -d flag to request a certificate for multiple names, eg:

./letsencrypt-auto auth -d -d


When being asked for the domains, just add it as another domain.


I have both domains created seperately ( and and get the message


Put them into a single certificate to resolve the issue.


i try but i havent know how i do this


ok this command run fine

must i update the cert with the same command?