Prcedure for ssl installation on iis 8.5 in windows 2012


Please explain process for installing ssl certificate on IIS 8.5 (Windows 2012),
certificate was download from by providing domain csr.
As I am unable to configure it properly.
I have both file of certificate.
Please help asap.


What instructions were you following?
Like to even create the csr?


I have created CSr and already downloaded certificate from .
But i am unable to configure it in iis 8.5


You have to complete the csr process first.
Which would turn your Certificate Signing Request into an actual signed certificate.

How did you create the .csr file?
Via mmc.exe or some other program?


The files you received - does it include a .pfx file?
Show the file names that you received from sslforfree.


certificate.crt and ca_bundle.crt


OK then you need to go over the instructions they provided to complete the csr process.
The certificate,crt is the public cert.
The other half to the private.key IIS created.
Once combined they create a useable certificate.


please explain process for combining certificate.


I can’t explain their process.
I can only state the common practice:
Which, in general, is to generate a private key to be used for a specific certificate (with specific SAN), generate a csr for it, send that csr to be signed, they require validation, you provide validation, they create a signed certificate and should also instruct you on how to complete the process (they asked you to start).


Not any instruction provided by them side.


Can you detail the steps you tool or the site&page you were on?


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