Possible/necessary to secure mail server?

My domain is www.careshare360.com. I’m running on an EC2 instance and have a second instance for a subdomain (app.careshare360.com).

Both are running nginx and both are currently separately encrypted.

I was using CheckTLS for my domain and I am getting a certificate fail on the mail servers, which are from ionos.

Should I be adding my mail server to my certificate, and if so, how can I given I have no control over it?

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Hi @yalfy

it is possible to secure your mail server.

But if you use one from ionos, it may be impossible. Has your mail server an own ip address? Managed by Ionos? If yes, only Ionos can do that.


careshare360.com MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = mx00.ionos.com
careshare360.com MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = mx01.ionos.com

Speak with your ESP about the “certificate fail” issue you discovered.


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