Polycom users: contact resellers about getting the root CA into Polycom firmware


Polycom has said that any requests for supporting a new root certificate must be registered through one of their resellers so they can evaluate the business case for adding it.

Therefore, if you have a Polycom phone on your desk or one of their conferencing phones in your meeting room, it is a good idea to ask your supplier to put in your vote for Let’s Encrypt support with Polycom, even if you aren’t using it immediately


Hi. Although of course the primary audience for your message is Polycom users who may find this obvious, for the rest of us could you explain in what sort of circumstances the Polycom makes trust decisions about certificates? I presume that few of these devices have web browsers and any which do are rarely used in that capacity, but of course TLS is used in lots of other places.


Polycom phones use HTTPS to download firmware and configuration files from provisioning servers and they use SIP over TLS as a secure transport for SIP signalling. Many other IP telephony solutions also use SIP over TLS.

No doubt some organizations using these phones will want to use Let’s Encrypt certificates on their provisioning server and SIP proxy server, the RTC Quick Start Guide actually encourages people to do that:



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