Policy to use lets encrypt REST api in commercial product

Hey hai,
We have a commercial product for managing ssl and ssh keys which we sell under licence , can we use the let’s encrypt REST api calls to request a certificate from product and distribute it to the end customer of our product .Actually what we want to do is request the certificate from the product and even renew it and manage it.

Hi @_GS,

You’re free to implement an ACME client in your commercial product and use Let’s Encrypt as the ACME server. I recommend you read our guide for larger integrations. Also be sure to check our trademark policy.

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hi _GS

can you share what your product is.

I have been looking for a good tool for these kind of thigs.

Have found venafi, SSH.com and ManageEngine products. Each has their strengths and weaknesses so would be good to see what others are doing

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