Policy Forbids whitelist request

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I’m receiving the error “Error creating new cert :: policy forbids issuing for: “joshua logan moore”” - I’ve asked my hosting company, Nexxterra.com to add Let’s Encrypt certs, but seem to be running into trouble.

Is it possible to whitelist www.joshualoganmoore.com?

It's probably possible to issue for "www.joshualoganmoore.com". But you can't issue for "joshua logan moore", it's not a domain name.

Are you sure you and your web host are entering the right information in the right boxes?


Hi @shuamu

I can confirm that @mnordhoff's on the right track with his reply (Thanks!). There's no need to whitelist www.joshualoganmoore.com, it isn't being blocked.

Can you describe what Let's Encrypt/ACME client you're trying to use to get your certificate? What was the command you ran or process you were following when you saw the policy error? There's probably a place where it somehow got confused into thinking the string "joshua logan moore" was the domain name you wanted a certificate for instead of "www.joshualoganmoore.com".

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My bad. I have it working now, sort of.

https://www.joshualoganmoore.com is up and showing the same content, but if I go to www.joshualoganmoore.com, the SSL cert doesn’t show up – even though it’s the same site. Any idea on that?

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Nevermind. Seem to have it now. Thanks for your quick response!

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