Policy forbids issuing for name shop.discover.com.au

Hi @cpu ,

I am attempting to create a certificate for shop.discover.com.au and get the error: Policy forbids issuing for name.
discover.com.au is a small IT services company.

Can this restriction be lifted please?


Hi @arauber - sure thing, I will start the process today & update with more information. Juggling a few things this morning :man_juggling: :worried:

Hi @arauber,

I kicked off the process to free up discover.com.au for issuance. This typically takes 10-14 days and I will update this thread once the change has been made in production.

Thanks for your patience~!

Thanks @cpu

Much appreciated!

Discover.com.au has been removed from the list of blocked domains. Thanks for joining us in encrypting the web!

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