Point chain.pem allways to chain.pem

Is it possible to create new certificates with fixed names, e.g. when I renewed certificates new chain.pem is chainN.pem. Can certbot make allways chain.pem as chain.pem?
I need to send by nginx file chain.pem to my clients and want to send allways last file.

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There are symbolic links that point to the latest files.
[Look for them in the /live/ folder.]
(don't access them directly from /archive/ folder)

But to answer your question:

I believe, although that should be completely unnecessary, you could accomplish this (indirectly) via post validation, or deployment, hooks.
Which run after a cert is issued and can then be used to copy the new files to wherever you like.
See: User Guide — Certbot 2.7.0.dev0 documentation



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