Plesk Error at strato hosting Germany after installing ssl Certificate

I have installed some lets encrypt ssl certificate on 1 domain and 10 subdomains
I had an ssl error with firefox as I try to use this domain:
As is fine.

Now I have a server down with some bad plesk error messages:

Virtual hosts directory

HTTPD_VHOSTS_D /var/www/vhosts

but only /var/www/vhost is available

I used the Plesk 12.5 Let’s Encrypt extension to install the ssl certificates.
No reboot at the server is possible at Strato Server and Strato config.
ssh: shutdown -r now
server is not available
any suggestion to get my website running.

this is the Error link for Plesk 12.5

the new Plesk 12.5 Version was updated last week after an upgrade Error

I would try linking /var/www/vhosts to /var/www/vhost

And since you can't

sudo reboot

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