Please make sure "/.well-known alias" is setup in WWW server


Ok, I have been searching/Googling/trying for hours now but I have no idea how to “Please make sure /.well-known alias is setup in WWW server.”

I use Apache 2.2.27 and DirectAdmin 1.53.0.

Thanks for helping me out!


Had to add the alias in httpd.config to make it work:

ServerAlias /.well-known /home/admin/domains/


Hi @BarendJun,

I suppose you mean Alias instead of ServerAlias, those directives are for different things and reading the tiitle of the post and the parameters used it should be Alias instead of ServerAlias.



Ah ok, thanks for the heads up, I changed ServerAlias into Alias in httpd.conf:

ServerAlias /.well-known /home/admin/domains/


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