Please define 'standalone server'


Please define standalone server in this text:

To obtain a cert using a built-in “standalone” webserver

in this page

Google shows nothing for ‘what is a standalone webserver’


That means where certbots is the webserver … i.e. you don’t need (and would need to stop) any other webserver (apache, nginx …) running on port 80 on that server.

Hence it is using one “built-in” to certbot.

Does that make it clearer ? or have I just confused things even more :wink:



But sorry, I wasn’t clear. I mean please define it in the webpage, not here.


Hi @faranta

Great idea - “standalone” could probably use some additional explanation.

Would you be willing to create an issue on the Certbot website repo for this? (I could create it for you if you don’t have a Github account but it might be easier to follow progress/stay engaged if you open it yourself :slight_smile: )



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