Please consider to add more web servers to Certbot's Software List

Hello Let’s encrypt,

I am usually confused by choosing “none of the above” from the certbot -> software list, due to my web server not being listed. Is it possible to add “IIS web server” and “OpenLiteSpeed web server” to it?


How is that confusing? If you don’t see your web server on the list, then select the option meaning “it’s not on this list.”

The software listed includes software that Certbot supports directly. Certbot only runs on Unix-like operating systems, so IIS isn’t really an option anyway. I don’t know anything about OpenLiteSpeed, but considering the fact that there are hundreds of options for web server software, listing them all seems even more confusing, and Certbot definitely doesn’t have integrated support for it, so it would fall under the same classification of all other not-integrated web servers.

For the reasons that @jared.m mentioned, we would probably need to have a different list addressing the higher-level question of what software someone should use. We’re definitely aware that there’s a lot of confusion out there between Certbot (a Unix client application for Let’s Encrypt developed by EFF and recommended by Let’s Encrypt) and Let’s Encrypt (a certificate authority service operated by ISRG). There are so many options apart from Certbot:

This section lists Windows clients that integrate with IIS:


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