Please add an http2 parameter to certification creation command

I create certifications this way:

certbot --nginx -d domain.tld -d www.domain.tld

I then have to change manually (or run a sed operation) to change from:

listen 443 ssl; # managed by Certbot


listen 443 ssl http2; # managed by Certbot

Is there a chance you guys will add a parameter for adding http2 after ssl, directly in Certbot execution?

@erica, could you please opine on this feature request?

might a better way to do this is to have a template file?

That way the NGINX/Apache installer would read that.

i noticed that the ssl parameters come from a conf file but the other stuff is hard coded



It’s on our radar to support this in the future:

For now, you could keep running that command, and even put it in a post hook:

Or, you could manually manage your ssl options – if there’s already a listen 443 ssl http2 line in the config, we won’t overwrite it with listen 443 ssl;, but we also won’t add an include linking to certbot/certbot-nginx/certbot_nginx/options-ssl-nginx.conf.


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