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I want to change http to https for my picture trail account. I am using Google chrome and the link current reads “not secure”
How can I obtain and apply a security certificate for this site? I sell items on this site so it is important for it to be secure. I am not getting much help from Picture Trail.
Thank you for your help.



if you are user of this site, you can’t get a certificate.

Only the domain owner can get and install a certificate.

So it’s the thing of “Picture Trail” if the site is secure or not.


PS: Oh, there is a https - version, first not checked.


The certificate is valide. But there are mixed content warnings.

So use Chrome or FireFox, then Ctrl + Shift + I to open the console.

Then you see urls loaded via http, not https.


The important question: Can you change these urls from http to https? If yes, do it.


Thank you for the reply. I see the security certificate but do not know how to change the picture trail URL accordingly. I do not see a way of changing URLs. What do I do to make this change? Help!


How did you create these pages?

If you use something like a content management or a construction kit of your hoster, then this tool should have the options.

If not, it’s bad.

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