Pebble v2.2.1 released

I’m happy to share that a new minor version (v2.2.1) of Pebble, the ACME/RFC 8555 test server, is now available.

The new certificate status by serial management interface endpoint may be of particular interest to client developers that want a light-weight way to test RFC 8555 revocation end-to-end without needing a stand-alone OCSP responder.


  • separate HTTP management interface/listener.
  • cert-status-by-serial management endpoint for checking revocation status.
  • probabilistic valid authorization reuse.


  • fix missing returns in WFE error paths.
  • fix WFE rendering of empty contact/authz challenge arrays.
  • fix custom DNS resolver on Windows.


  • update docker-compose.yml to use latest tags.
  • update docker base images to use Go 1.12.
  • WFE “marshaling” typo fixes/consistency.

Many thanks to the community contributors involved in this release (I won’t @ spam them again in this thread. See the release notes for more information)

Edit: I originally posted a v2.2.0 release. Unfortunately I mistakenly published that tag pointing to the existing, older v2.1.0 release. This post has been updated to refer to v2.2.1 which tags the correct commit to match the release notes. Apologies for the confusion/mistake :sweat:


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