Pebble, Traefik, k8s and wildcard certificate

My setup is running Pebble, Traefik and my services in a k8s cluster (minikube) in local environment (laptop). All are installed via helm chart.

Pebble - chart version: 1.0.1
Traefik - chart version: 10.24.0

Custom domain - my.localhost

/etc/hosts file has been updated to have the following entries my.localhost *. my.localhost

According to Traefik's documentation, the Ingress for our service has the following annotation

  annotations: "true" "pebble" "my.localhost" '*.my.localhost'

From the Chrome browser, when I visited my.localhost and looked at the certificate, I was seeing default Traefik certificate is being used instead of the one generated by Pebble.

If I removed the following annotation, I can see my website is using Pebble's certificate with CN "my.localhost".

` '*.my.localhost'`

Does anyone know how should I configure Ingress and/or Traefik/Pebble so that I can see the certificate's SANs contain "*.my.localhost" in addition to CN being "my.localhost" ?

Hi @cch, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

Shouldn't that be: *.my.localhost

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You are correct, I have typo here in the post. The one I have in /etc/hosts does not have that extra space.

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