Outage Timings - acceptable timings

What is the maximum acceptable interruption (outage time) for this service?

Hi @hollyh

most time, the service is running.

But a certificate is 90 days valide. Clients renew the certificate after ~~ 60 - 70 days.

So if this service is interrupted, there are 20 - 30 days to get a new certificate.

If someone has a working configuration, interruptions shouldn't be a big problem.

The exception to this is OCSP responder outages.

These caused all sorts of havoc with Let's Encrypt in the past (especially combined with the way Apache's OCSP stapling works), though there haven't been any major problems that I can remember in the last year+.

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Thank you - so there’s no Service Level Agreement about outage?

If you want a SLA, a commercial CA may be your solution.


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