Other websites also appear in search results

I am running multiple websites on a VPS using Let's Encrypt.

I have websites A, B, etc.

I was using Let's Encrypt on A, but for a while I couldn't see the https on A because it wasn't updating properly.

Since then, it's hard to imagine that

When I search the Internet for the title or contents of B's website site, to my surprise, A's site also comes up in the search results.

For more information, for example, if you search Google or other search engines for "Test B contents," which is the contents of B's website, your browser will return

Test B contents...

Test B contents...

The results will look something like this

The body of the search results are both the contents of B, but the URL of A's website is also displayed.

This is quite undesirable.

I have been running the website for a long time, but have never had such an event before.

Why is this happening?

Please give me a solution.

I don't think this is related to your use of Let's Encrypt certs.

It sounds to me like your web server is not configured properly and responds with the wrong info.

You haven't provided any details for us to give specific advice.

You might try a forum for the web server you are using. Or, even try the Google Search Console tools to see why it reports that.


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