Order failed with status 500 [solved]

My order is:

The associated challenge is valid.
Does the status 500 means a LE internal error? Can this order still be completed? If yes, how?

No, you'll have to create a new one from scratch, since the status is invalid.

It will probably reuse the previously completed authorizations, so you won't necessarily have to repeat the challenges.

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Did a LE internal error lead to this?

Your guess is as good as mine. If it fails multiple times, we can ask one of the LE engineers to check it.

I created a new order and all was fine. Thanks!

I'm not sure if this order was at the right time for this, but the system was down for a few minutes last night while they changed the intermediates.

Wouldn't shock me if it was related. (Or, maybe the Internet gremlins just grabbed that particular order and ate it for no good reason.)

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