Opening links in new tab does not work properly


When I activate the opening of external links in a new tab in the forum preferences, the link is opened in both tabs, the new one and the existing one, making this feature unusable. This seems to be a bug in this forum software.

I’m using Firefox 50 and Windows 10.


Hi @King555, sorry to hear that’s not working for you! Can you report this in the “bug” category of the Discourse meta forum ? We use Discourse’s forum software and they would need to fix this on our behalf.


Thanks for your reply, but wouldn’t it be better if someone of the forum team posts bugs there? Because I would have to register there for only this single report and someone of you maybe has an account.

By the way, this behaviour does not occur in my Chrome browser.


In this case it would probably be better if you posted since I can’t recreate the problem myself & if there are any follow-up questions I would have to play relay between there and here. It’s easier if you can engage directly.

You can use the same account as you use to post here :slight_smile: No additional sign-ups required.


OK, I will make a thread there.

But the login is not the same! Not only that I just cannot login with my username and password, my name is also shown as “not in use” when I try to register there.


@King555, it’s a totally separate forum, just using the same forum software, I think, contrary to what @cpu said.


Thanks, that’s what I thought.


Apologies for the confusion! I stand corrected. Thanks @King555, @schoen, mea culpa.


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