Opaque error message


All good on theprequel.org and www.theprequel.org.
Now I am going to upgrade the site on which I never manually altered /etc/letsencrypt.

is this the correct command:

certbot certonly --certname a-view.org --nginx -d a-view.org -d www.a-view.org

Will this make the cert for two domains? I read that certonly doesn’t install the certs. Don’t I need to install the cert that supports both domains?



That’s correct.

Depends. If you have nginx already configured to use a cert/key with the same filenames, you may not need to do anything other than reload nginx after the cert is issued. If not, then you’ll need to alter its configuration to use the newly-generated files (the ones in /etc/letsencrypt/live).


It worked entering the option as cert-name.

New cert issued covering domain and 2 subdomains = 3.

TOMORROW: (get some sleep!) There are some extra directories in the top level of /etc/letsencrypt that may be holdovers from an earlier version. When I first installed the stuff at a-view.org I think ghost used an earlier version of lets encrypt that relied on the letsencrypt utility rather than certbot. I think it is possible that it puts things in different places.

I’ll post that directory structure tomorrow. So, don’t even think about replying tonight!

Thanks. Everything is working; I just want to do some cleanup.


I’m pretty sure the directory structure is the same between the two–certbot is the new(er) version of letsencrypt.


I am calling this closed. Thanks for everyone’s good help.

I will start a new thread for an unrelated “challenge.”


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