One certificate does not renew

I’m using lego, on Bitnami/AWS server, to maintain the certificates. Since a couple of months one of them is not renewing for some reasons.
Checking it at it seems properly renewed, but when I browse the domain I get a “expired certificate” warning.
Looking at the certificate on my server I noticed that the files related to that domain are quite old, on the opposite the files related to other properly working domains are up to date. I checked files and folders permissions, comparing them with another server I have, but everything is ok.
Not sure why but to me lego is not properly updating the certificate files. What is strange is that this happens only for that particular domain, the others, on the same server, are working properly.
I noticed also that when I run lego to renew all, the output confirms, for every domain, that “acme: Authorization already valid; skipping challenge” but, at the end reports only for the working domain that “Server responded with a certificate”.

The faulty domain is


You statements contradict themselves:

So the problem is NOT about renewing.

The problem is about NOT using the renewed cert.

Have you restarted the system/instance/droplet/whatever… ?
Can you review the list of certs? [is there an updated cert anywhere on that system]
Can you review your settings on how you use the certs?

[sorry about the line of questioning… but I’m unfamiliar with both: Bitnami and Lego]

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