Oci runtime error: no such file or directory

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I ran this command: docker-compose up

It produced this output:
Creating boulder_bhsm_1
Creating boulder_brabbitmq_1
Creating boulder_bmysql_1
Creating boulder_boulder_1

ERROR: for boulder Cannot start service boulder: oci runtime error: no such file or directory
ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.

My operating system is (include version): OSX


And you’re trying to achieve… What exactly?

I want to run the docker container locally.

Hi @katejefferson,

For Boulder related problems (particularly with the development environment) we will be better able to help you if you create a Github Issue for the Boulder project describing the problem.

I’m not familiar with the error that you’re receiving and unfortunately don’t have an easy solution at hand - Could you create an issue on the Boulder repo with the observed error? Could you also include the output of docker version and docker-compose version?


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Follow up: The error was caused by a malformed GOPATH. It’s working now.

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For any wayward souls that find their way here from a Google search the resolution was discussed in Boulder issue 2112.

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