Obtaining A Certficate for an I.P. Address

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My domain is:www.unpredictableporridge.co.uk

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My web server is (include version): Apache 2.4*

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Thanks to the advice given here, have successfully managed to obtain a certificate and install on the server, so have a secure Website, thanks for your help with that.

However, still having difficulties with Chrome! There are two audio streams, which are accessed via a Static I.P. address, which Chrome won't load as they are seen as insecure.

Was suggested that I use D.N.S. to create 'A' and 'NS' records to create a Sub Domain, which I believe I did - stream.unpredictableporridge.co.uk, however while I did obtain a certificate for this, received an error message in Chrome that stated the Domain name on the Certificate had not found.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Let's Encrypt does not issue certs for IP addresses.


if you got a certificate for a domain you should connect by that domain name


Do realise that, but have to find out how to 'convert' the I.P. address into a Domain?!

The radio player, which streams the Music on the Website doesn't allow that, only via I.P. address, which is what Chrome sees, and tries to load.

that redirect everything at http://someip to https://stream.unpredictableporridge.co.uk ?


Not sure I quite understand what you mean?

If you meah re-direct all requests to the I.P. address to https://stream.unpredictableporridge.co.uk, would not that cause other problems for the Website?

Also, how would I implement that?

Should have mentioned before, the Website runs on WordPress.

Hope the above helps?!

DNS points names to IP addresses, then all users use the name instead of the IP address, that's how the internet works.


Yes, am aware of that, but Chrome is only seeing the I.P. address on the Website, so would load the stream?!

I think that would be very weird. What radio player are we talking about?


Okay, the player has a back-end that points to the the stream using an I.P. address and extension, so for SHOUTcast this would be:, and this is the address which Chrome sees.

The player is known as A.I.O. Radio Player, here is a link for the documenation for the software: AIO Radio Station Player (by Prahec) :: Documentation


And you can't "point" (what does that even mean?) that back-end to a hostname?

The documentation of that AIO Radio Player only mentions hostnames in their code examples.


Have just checked, just in case, but have tried doing so before.

Tried using both http and https:// prefix with www.Domain.co.uk/stream extension, and the player shows an error message, asking a correct U.R.L. to be entered.

When entering the I.P. address, the player accepts this!

Do you actually have a DNS record setup to point to that IP?


Yes, the D.N.S is working fine, and pointing to the I.P. address.

Suppose I should point out for clarfication, that the radio player does and is working fine, but not when using Chrome, no doubt due to their latest upgrade, and the player documentation does mention this.

Are these IP addresses globally reachable, including the hostnames?

I'd really want to see a working example, so I could check for myself. Its very hard to advice with just "I tried, but it didn't work" without having actually something useful at hand


As far as I am aware, yes they are.

As previously stated, the player does work well, using Firefox and I.E., but not Chrome.

Regarding a "working example", if you like, can message you the link to the back-end of the player, and change the admin and password, so you can login.

Would that help?!

That would, I think, help indeed, at least to see what we're actually dealing with.

That said, I still don't know what is meant by "back-end".. Isn't the player a webbased application? It's the browser that's complaining, right?


Osiris, Have messaged you.!

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