Not trusted and Invalid Certificate

I went through the whole gethttpsforfree certificate process and I got it, but:
a) when I did the test from gethttpsforfree site, I got "certificate not trusted" (ref. SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs) )
b) when I tryied to install it in my host (mediatemple panel — copy+past of my signed certificate Chain— I got 'INVALID CERTIFICATE' without any exlanation.
Any idea about whath's going on?
Thanks in advance / i.

My domain is:

My web server is (include version): Apache

My hosting provider, if applicable is: Mediatemple (USA) / Grid - share hosting

Hi @Ivotolosa

looks like you are doing something wrong using that panel.

But I have no idea how that mediatemple panel works -> check the documentation, ask your hoster, may be share a screenshot (but without the private key).

Thanks for your answer, I'll do it.
Anyway, why show me that this certificate is not trusted if it went through the whole process without problems? Any idea? —thanks

|Signature algorithm|SHA1withRSA INSECURE|
Trusted | No NOT TRUSTED (Why?)

I update my report:
a) found the way to install it in Mediatemple ( they have a form to get the Certificate String , and had to copy+past just the fist block information that Gethttps gave to me)
b) Even with this '' bad report, after 10min of installation the browsers recognized the certificate and show my site as a safe one.
Thanks for your help / i.

Checking your domain - there is a new certificate. Looks good.

Two minor problems - see

Your www version is defined, but the certificate contains only the non-www domain name, so your www isn't secure -> create one certificate with both domain names.

Your chain is incomplete, see the #connections - part.

Check, if there is an option to upload chain.pem.

Or try to use fullchain.pem instead of cert.pem.

I knew it wasn't configured www . Yes, I'm limited by my hosting server —I'll change it soon . I don't have root access, I have to follow the only options they give to install 3th certificates FTP & forms & to chose www or not www (for sure because they offer their own 70'euros certificates...)

In relation to«Your chain is incomplete, see the #connections - part.»
Probably is the second paragraphs I didn't copy, because the form doesn't accept it.
I have no idea how to fix it .

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