Not showing verification

hi all,

I just installed certbot on my ubuntu server and configured the https certificate.
It seems to work, but when i check the certificate, it shows no information about the verification:
Verified by: Not specified

How should I fix that?

Here is my website:


The cause is non-obvious, but it’s caused by the mixed (insecure) content on your page.

Check out and

Once you fix the mixed content on your page, the “verified by” will display “Let’s Encrypt” correctly.

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Hi @buscon

use FireFox or Chrome, then Ctrl + Shift + I, that opens the console.

There you see a lot of content loaded via http, not https:

And bad: JavaScript or CSS, active content:

So check if you can use a wordpress plugin to change these links http -> https.

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thank you both for your reply, i will work on moving the whole content to https and check it again.

I fixed the http content problem, now the verification is correct!
Thanks everyone and thanks to letsencrypt!

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