Not receiving any email for certificate renewal


We are not receiving any email for certificate expiration on the registered email address. I am using as the ACME client. Anyone changes to be made in the configuration to start receiving the certificate expiration mail.

Thank You

First, set your email in your dehydrated config file, e.g. .

Then run ./dehydrated --account to update your account registration with Let’s Encrypt using that information.


I am running the command ./dehydarted --account but it says unknown parameter.
./dehydrated --account
Unknown parameter detected: --account

Any other way to update so ?

Thank You.

This feature was added in July. You’ll need to update your copy of dehydrated in order to use it.

If you used git to download it you can update it with:

git pull

or if you downloaded it directly from GitHub you can just obtain a new copy:


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