NONCE - Whoops! An unfortunate name



Erm! while reading the documention, my eyes couldn’t get past the word nonce, are there any other people who think the name is unfortunate? Does anyone else think it should be changed?

If you don’t know what a nonce is, you can check it out here:



It’s original meaning ( if you go back far enough ) was “occurring, used, or made only once or for a special occasion” - and is now a cryptographic term - It was only in the UK (from the 70’s ) that it had an alternate slang meaning.

There is always a challenge with many words that can end up having multiple slang meanings, I don’t suspect this word will change though.


Not everything which happens to have an alternative slang meaning is therefore “unfortunate”…

The name “nonce” is very common as a non-slang term. See also:


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