No sure if my cert is working

I’m running OS X 10.11 and OS X Server 5.0.15
I’ve set up Homebrew and installed Certbot… In OS X Server I can see 3 new Certificates as "intermediateCA_etc…"
When I go to “Websites” and create a new “Site,” I load it up on my browser on a remote computer and I get a warning that the site is not secure. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

Hi @damionhill,

How did you run Certbot and what was the output from it?

What’s your domain name?

I’m not sure what the code looked like. But it said I successfully installed Certbot.

If you’ve only installed Certbot but not run it, it wouldn’t have tried to get any certificates. Certbot needs to be run after being installed.

According to

you haven’t yet issued any CA certificates for this site, which would be consistent with the possibility that you haven’t run Certbot yet.

There is a certificate for from Comodo:

I don’t know whether you have any connection with that certificate.

Yes, I’m very green when it comes to this and trying to learn.
I do own the very for They would t accept Lets Encrypt certs.

I will follow the instructions again and see if I did or didn’t run it. I’ll follow up on that. Thank you!

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