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I have a problem requesting a certificate for a local server we have internally; Basically, we want to get rid of the self-signed certificate and install a valid SSL certificate on a Microsoft ADFS server.

We have created a public A record for this server which resolves in The command I try to invoke is:
./certbot-auto certonly --verbose --standalone -d

At the screen, I get the error “No IPv4 addresses found for”. I don’t think it is a DNS problem, as it resolves well and if I invoke the same command with a non-existent subdomain name, I get a different error message (NXDOMAIN looking up A)

Any help? Thank you!


Also, if I try to manually submit a DER, I get “Self-verify of challenge failed” (Of course, because it’s not a publicly accessible Web server)

Next step, I would try to manually upload the DER but using the DNS verification of ownership method…

This is my manual upload command:
./letsencrypt-auto certonly --authenticator manual --server --text --email --csr signreq.der


If you want to use any of the challenge types supported by letsencrypt-auto (or certbot, the new name), you’ll need to make your domain resolve to a non-private IP address and allow traffic from the public internet on port 80 or 443.

As an alternative, you can use a DNS-based challenge (DNS-01). To make this work you’ll need to be able to create a TXT record for your domain (it needs to be resolvable by public DNS). This is currently not supported by certbot, but a number of other clients have support for DNS-01 (like the bash clients or lego).


Thanks, what I finally did is that I setup Let’s encrypt on a Linux Apache server, converted the certificate to PKCS12 format and installed it on the Active Directory server.


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