No auto renew on TSO reseller account


We are having problems with auto renew using TSO reseller, on renew we have set a domain(s) in Wordpress settings to HTTP, renew the certificate then turn Wordpress back to HTTPS.
TSO told us it is something to do with a redirect ?



Im not sure if I understand this correctly.

You have a domain with WordPress, and now you want to renew the domain. However it won’t renew due to a redirection issue? (Is this right?)

If this is the case, most likely is your WordPress redirection block you from getting validations.

Please check this link and see if this helps.

Thank you



The problem is renewing the Let Encrypt certificate automatically at the end of the 3 month term. I have to go to the failing domains Wordpress settings and set the wordpress website url setting back to HTTP:// Then manual renew the cert in the TSO control panel. Then I set the Wordpress site back to HTTPS://


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